Music Mutz…soothing surround sound for your pet.

Founders Lisa and Kris developed the Music Mutz comforting musical collar because their beloved dogs suffered from auditory phobias…and so did they.

An initial test with noise-phobic dogs who wore our collar responded very positively, with a noticeable decrease in anxiety or discomfort. Yet, to ensure our product is perfect, we are conducting a broader test with dogs and their owners before it is sold. If needed, we’ll fine-tune any aspect of the product so it will be ready to make many other dogs happier and calmer.

After reviewing the information throughout this website, we hope you’ll agree that the Music Mutz collar will provide the best possible treatment for noise phobias.

We cannot wait to share our amazingly effective product with you so that you and your dogs can enjoy a drug-free, fun and comfortable way to relax your beloved pet(s). And, since it’s a collar, the soothing sounds go wherever your dog goes!