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After conducting numerous group and individual tests with dogs that suffer from auditory and other anxieties, our Music Mutz Collar was found to be highly effective at soothing dogs that suffer from stress due to triggers such as:




Riding in car

Screeching brakes

 Dogs barking

Vet and groomer visits, illness, depression

Vacuum cleaners

Loud voices


As we fine-tuned our Collar and music selection, we learned that certain types of music and sound effects proved to soothe dogs with auditory and other anxiety issues.

We also paid special attention to the quality of the speakers and the life of the battery in the MP3 player since both are critical to optimally helping stressed dogs in situations that often last for several hours.

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Sound and Speaker quality are essential.

 speakericonWe know that dogs' sense of hearing is four times greater than humans. Dogs hear a frequency range of 40 to 60,000 Hz, much higher than humans' range, which is between 20 and 20,000 Hz. While some sounds, especially loud noises, might be acceptable to us, they can make a dog very uncomfortable, even fearful. Our small but exceptionally high-quality custom-made speakers pick up every distinct melodic note and engaging nature sound. This level of sound quality is critical to the effectiveness of a calming product like Music Mutz.

These enticing nature-inspired sound effects were custom arranged with music by pet music maestro Bradley Joseph, a renowned composer of music for animals and humans. We worked very closely with Bradley to ensure that the instrumentals and sounds effects interspersed into each song stimulated positive responses in dogs.  Dogs wearing the Music Mutz Collar who are fearful of sounds like thunder or certain situations that can trigger anxiety and other reactions instead remain focused on the music and calming tones and rhythms specifically chosen by Bradley and Music Mutz.

Virually every dog who has used our Collar has had his or her noise anxiety issue dramatically minimized or completely eliminated. Results were just as remarkable for dogs with non-auditory anxiety issues.

Substantial battery life is critical.

batteryicon2Music Mutz MP3 will play for up to 14 hours on a single charge and fully recharge in one hour.

While this is important for parents of any dog who can benefit from our collar, it is especially crucial for dogs who 

suffer from separation anxiety, whether their human is gone for several hours or all day while at work.

Good for dogs, good for the planet.

recycleiconSince we are environmentalists at heart and our Collar offers dogs (and their human parents!) natural medication-free relief from anxiety, we are committed to using natural and recycled materials as much as possible.

  • Collar fabric is 35% organic cotton and 65% recycled plastic (PET)
  • Product packaging is printed on post consumer- and industrial-waste paper
  • Battery is rechargeable and lasts for up to 14 hours between charges

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