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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to the most common questions our customers have asked.
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Should I wait until my dog is anxious before putting the Collar on for the first time?

No, it is critical that your dog become accustomed to wearing the Collar and listening to the music without the offending issue being present. Not only will they be used to the Collar and music in non-stressful situations, but they also won’t associate wearing the Collar solely with their stress issue. This is a critical step to ensuring the Music Mutz Collar is successful at soothing your dog.

Does it matter where the speakers fall on my dog’s neck?

Since the speakers are separated and the music is projected from different locations on the Collar, your dog will hear the songs clearly regardless of how the Collar lies on his/her neck.

I am sometimes gone for eight hours or longer. Will it play for that long?

Absolutely! When we developed the MP3, we engineered it with a battery that provides a playing time up to 14 hours on a single charge. We knew how important this was for all dogs, especially those who suffer from separation anxiety. The battery also fully charges in only one hour.

What if my dog doesn’t seem to like the Collar or music?

If your dog shies away or seems intimidated once you have the Collar on him/her and start the music, remove it immediately. Wait for a day or two, then place the Collar on a tabletop or car console, start the music and let your dog enjoy it in this manner. Do this until your dog gets comfortable with it. Then try putting it on your dog on a very low volume, slowly adjusting the volume until he/she seems relaxed.

How long can my dog wear the Collar?

As long as he/she likes, but remember it is water-resistant, but not waterproof. We encourage using it outdoors for dogs who are uncomfortable with outdoor noises and other issues. But please do not use it while it’s raining. It is also not intended to be their primary collar so leashes cannot be attached to it.

How quickly will it start to work?

Many dogs respond positively the moment the Collar is in place and the MP3 is turned on. Some dogs take several minutes to be soothed, while, in a few instances it could take several attempts for your dog to be comforted by the music. As noted above, please accustom your dog to the Collar and music before it is needed to de-stress him/her.

What types of issues does the Collar help resolve?

Our Music Mutz Collar is designed to soothe dogs who suffer from noise-related issues (e.g., thunder, fireworks, screeching brakes, dogs barking, vacuum cleaners, loud voices). It is also proven to be very effective for dogs with separation anxiety, are uncomfortable riding in cars, visiting vets or groomers or when ill or depressed.

Are there other uses besides these listed?

Yes, the Music Mutz Collar with its custom-arranged songs has been effective to treat almost any kind of anxiety dogs may experience. Pre- and post-op, recovery from any procedure, illness, even euthanasia are among the many situations when dogs would be comforted by our songs.

Can my dog become immune to the music?

While recent studies have shown that dogs can distinguish between different genres and may have preferences, as do humans, playing the same songs will not cause boredom.  More importantly, the same songs will not diminish their efficacy. They will comfort your dog no matter how often he/she hears them.

Can it harm a dog if they don’t have any anxiety issues?

Not at all. Most dogs love relaxing music such as the songs loaded on our MP3. Who doesn’t love beautifully composed, peaceful music?