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Using Our Collar



While dogs do not need to be trained to use the Collar, take some time to acclimate your dog to the Collar and the music before it is needed in difficult situations. For dogs with certain noise phobias that can be anticipated (e.g., thunder, fireworks, vacuums, leaf blowers), apply the Collar and start playing the music before the event (stress trigger) occurs. It is much better to have the calming effect of the Collar working to soothe your dog before he/she goes into panic mode and the situation deteriorates to the point where your dog is far too frantic to respond to the music. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Our collar does not replace your dog’s collar for walking on a leash. Also, while the MP3 player enclosure is water resistant, it is not waterproof and should not be used in the rain or immersed in water.

Getting Started

1) Fully charge the battery before the first use and ensure it is fully charged at all times, ready when your pet needs it. Insert one end of the charging cord into the port on the MP3 and the other end into a USB port. Once charged, the Collar plays for up to 14 hours, depending upon the volume at which it is played. Recharge time is one hour for a full charge.

2) Ensure the Music Mutz Collar fits snuggly around your dog’s neck. Once the Collar is fitted on your dog’s neck, trim the excess fabric, leaving a few inches past the buckle. To prevent fraying, you can apply any heat source (match, cigarette lighter) to the cut edge for a few seconds to seal the raw edge.  WARNING: Use precaution when working with a lighter.

3) So that your dog is used to the Collar and music before it is needed for situations that tend to cause anxiety, it is strongly advised to introduce him/her to the Collar with the music playing several times before it is actually needed so it is familiar and welcoming when it is needed to soothe your pet.

Set the MP3 at the lowest volume level to begin with. Gradually increase the volume as your dog becomes adjusted to wearing the Collar. Although the MP3 was programmed so that even the highest volume level is safe for dogs’ hearing, it is not recommended to play MP3 higher than medium volume in most situations. However, if the noise you are trying to offset is extremely loud, it is ok to raise the volume level until your pet is calmed.

4) Stay close by your dog for the first few sessions with our collar to ensure that he/she is comfortable.

5) The Collar fabric can be spot cleaned, but should never be submerged in water.